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My commissioned pieces start with a call or an email from you, the client.  We will arrange to meet so that I can find out what you would like and we will discuss all the different elements of the design: stone type, letterforms, size, placement of the finished piece, timescale and cost.

fter our meeting I will draw up a costed design for

you which we will discuss further and make adjustments if you wish.  Once all the details have been agreed then I will ask you to sign a contract and make an initial payment.  The stone can then be ordered ready for carving.

When the carving is complete and to your liking the final payment is made.  Costs depend on the scale and complexity of the design, for example, a small house sign would start around 250 € and a larger garden inscription stone from around 800 €.

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Craigard: photo by Jamie Ardagh;   Please do not bend: photo by Alex Cooper Photography

Ada Jane, Lu & Pete: photos by Alison Jefferies.

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