My work includes house name signs, garden inscriptions, unique wedding, christening and birthday presents, memorial stones, corporate art, public and civic art and pet memorials carved in limestone, marble, slate and sandstone.

I have been working with stone since 2010 when the search for a beautiful gravestone for my son led me to discover the traditional craft of lettercutting by hand.

The twenty-six letters of our alphabet are amazingly powerful.  They are overflowing with the potential to make people laugh, cry, think, love, hate, change their mind, learn, communicate, buy, run

away, make new acquaintances, destroy, inspire, create.......lettering is everywhere and its uses are without end.


 history and in different parts of the world.  When carving I feel close to the letter-cutters of our past whilst contributing in my own tiny way in the 21st century to the reviving traditional craft of letter-cutting.


Through my carved letters, words and phrases I hope to inspire some reaction, thought or even action in those people who see my inscriptions.

lso interesting is the study of letter forms throughout