Latest Commissions

This dining table to seat eight was created in collaboration with local craftsman and furniture maker Duncan Spence.
The grey slate inlay is engraved with the words 'Bon appétit' in French, Gaelic and Breton reflecting the heritage of the couple for whom this was made as a wedding present.

Photos on this page:

Alison Jefferies, Duncan Spence,

Sandra Dodds

A centrepiece for an outdoor dining table. Slate engraved in three languages:  Welsh, French and Scottish Gaelic.
Making an entrance!  This large property sign makes a statement as well as serving a purpose.
La Rose Bleue is a house sign.  The original design came from the clients daughter, an artist.  A few modifications were needed to make it 'carve-able'. The final result is striking and legible as a house sign should be.